COVID-19 Safety Information, Q. & A.

AUGUST 2021 UPDATE: While most vaccinated persons can go unmasked in many settings, all people who enter the practices of massage therapists and massage clinics must still remain masked. Thank you for your cooperation.




2020 - A message from the owner:    I am pleased to inform you that Shimmering Palms is offering services again. These past months have been incredibly difficult on so many levels for everyone.  COVID-19  is the polar opposite of massage which involves human touch, closeness and working with the body and the breath. I have implemented return to practice guidance protocols for massage therapists in order to practice in the safest and most ethical, professional manner. However, by booking an appointment you are consenting to receive a massage knowing that some infection risk is inherent in all scenarios, despite the best precautions and practices.       

Please do not book an appointment if you are sick or have been around someone who has been sick in the past 14 days. UPDATE: If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 please delay getting a massage even if the 14 days have passed  and you have been cleared to return to work. You may have an increased risk of blood clotting issues and I want you to be safe and get cleared by your physician for massage.  

Please wear a mask prior to entering the facility. I will do the same. If you forgot or don't have a mask please let me know when you arrive and I will bring one out to your vehicle.

At the doorway we will do a contactless forehead temperature check. If over 100.4 degrees F the massage will be rescheduled to at least 14 days out and you will be advised to contact your health care provider. I will be monitoring my temperature as well.

If temperature normal we will do a brief intake of COVID-19 questions (such as do you have cough, fever, flu symptoms, chills etc.). You will then need to sign the informed consent liability waiver consenting to massage. The writing utensil will be disinfected between each guest. Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged to use at check-in, check-out and in the changing area for your use. Please do not bring visitors to your appointment to maintain social distance outside the treatment room unless a caregiver for the client is required or the parent of a minor.

The treatment room will be cleaned and disinfected prior to your massage as before with clean linens, face cradle covers and barriers. If it makes you feel more at ease I am willing to re-wipe the room with disinfectant in your presence. All surfaces that may have been touched in a session are cleaned and disinfected (UV towel cabinet, table, light switches, tray, chair, door handles etc.). The restroom will be wiped down between each guest.   

I will be wearing a protective clothing barrier (apron, smock or scrubs) during the session and will change between each guest. Always a stickler for hand washing before COVID-19, I will continue excellent hand hygiene before and after each client and use sanitizer if needed during the session.

After you have undressed and are on the table, I will enter the room and check on your breathing through the mask. You may want to experiment at home first to see what sort of mask you are comfortable in. If you feel claustrophobic or hot facing down let me know and we can  try a few things, like a tissue with an essential oil to help you breathe through the mask, opening the window, changing massage position from face down in the face cradle to side lying. If you cannot tolerate the mask we can try an alternative where I make a kind of nest with a pillow case on the face cradle to contain the droplets. I would ask you to put the mask on again before turning face up.

OK!  Now I am so ready to start the massage and want it to be 60-90 minutes of wonderfulness for you, an escape from your day. Let me know what I can do to help you relax, in an oasis of calm.... using therapeutic touch to relieve pain and anxiety.


Q. Why are there limited services and availability?

A. At this time I am being abundantly cautious to leave ample time between appointments to avoid ​​​​client overlap in the facility. I also need extra time for the check-in screening, cleaning protocols, and opening the window between clients to allow for more ventilation. I will be seeing fewer clients at this time and won't be offering my 20 minute sessions.  


Q. Why aren't you offering Thai massage or Barefoot massage now?

A. The main reason is pedicures have been banned since March (lol). Seriously, I hope to add Thai massage, Barefoot on the Beach and my spa like salt scrubs, hot stone massage etc. back into the menu as I become adroit at doing massage wearing PPE.  I will not be offering pre-natal/pregnancy massage at this time. I am easing safely and slowly back into massage and I feel the Simply Swedish, Spa Shimmer, and Waves of Water Lymphatic Drainage will be the most essential for my clientele to start. I will update the menu when available.       (UPDATE: August 2020 - Hot Stone Massage is back on the menu. Just like before, the stones are scrubbed and sanitized between guests. The stone heater is washed and sanitized and refilled with fresh water every time. Salt stones are cleaned with the recommended Benefect Decon 30, a hospital level disinfectant derived from plant extracts that is nontoxic to humans.)

October 2020: Update Thai massage is back on the menu!  Many clients have expressed the need for the stretching and deeper pressure of Thai massage to relieve their pain. I will change my clothing before and after each Thai massage due to the close physical proximity. I will place clean yoga mats around the heated Thai Mat that is covered with an impermeable barrier and clean sheet (same as pre-Covid) to minimize client contact with the floor.  March 2021- Barefoot on the Beach back on the menu .

Q. What if I wake up feeling sick the day of the appointment?

A: Please let me know as soon as possible and we will reschedule. The late cancellation/noshow fee will be waived in case of illness. It's not worth the risk of a two week quarantine to my business and unfair to my healthy clients who want appointments.  


Q. Do you offer contactless payment?

A. Yes. If you prefer contactless check-out you can pre-book your appointment online and enter your credit card information to be charged at the end of your session. I can still do card swipes in person and disinfect the screen between guests. Cash or check are accepted too.


Q. What if I am afraid to get a massage during the pandemic?

A. Please stay home. That is your choice and a personal decision to do what is right for you. I will not judge either way. It is impossible to social distance during a session. Massage to me is something special on so many levels that I am ready to share again with the recommended safety precautions. If you are not ready to return that is OK too.

Thank you  -  Danya