Indian Head Massage in Spokane! May Massage Special Offer

$10 off the regular price of $85 for a ninety minute Spa Shimmer Massage which includes the Indian Head Massage. 

($75 in May only) 

Indian Head Massage is the service for you if  you like:

Gentle Neck Stretching to aid flexibility and mobility 

Circular Scalp Scrubbing on the marmas (energy points) to help rebalance energy flow

Calming Sandalwood Essential Oil

Face Massage

Sternal tapping

Ear Massage to relax the entire body

Indian Head Massage is the closing portion after receiving the Spa Shimmer table massage.  A unique massage with sedating Thai Compressions, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage strokes if you choose and an introduction to Reflexology, hot towels and hot stones. Please click on services and rates for more information. 

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Shimmering Palms Massage is offering professional massage therapy in Spokane Washington. Unbend and Unwind with Thai Massage. Put your feet up for Reflexology...Melt with Hot Stone Massage or be soothed with the Simply Swedish Massage. WA Lic.#MA60716102.

Reflexology Indian Head Massage Spokane and Massage and therapist

I hope to meet your expectations in seeking a local massage therapist on the Spokane South Hill . I will listen to your reasons for choosing massage therapy. The number one reason clients seek massage is for health and wellness reasons. Maybe you are wanting to reduce pain, have soreness/stiffness/spasms, recovering from injury or surgery, need pain management or want to reduce stress and have overall relaxation. Self-care is another important reason to choose massage. Life is too short just to work and pay boring deserve a hot stone massage to feel cared for and pampered.   

Shimmering Palms Massage and Wellness is one block south of Deaconess Hospital on the South Hill on 7th Avenue  to the east of Lincoln Street. It is located in the Historic Corbet-Aspray House  designed by the Davenport and Patsy Clark architect Kirtland Cutter. 

 I am trained in a variety of modalities including Thai Massage and you can click on "Services & Rates" to learn more about certain techniques I offer. If you'd like an appointment click on "online scheduling". I also accept appointments by phone or text. 


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